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Messages from the collective light beings who are my group now: Part one: The Shekinah light of the

By:barbara neville
Date: Thu,29 Jun 2017
Submitter:barbara neville

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Messages from the collective light beings who are my group now:
Part one: The Shekinah light of the 3rd eye:

Hi everyone, I am going to follow instruction from the group about the 21st of August 2017, its been coming over 4/5 weeks now.

The group are telling me to share this with you, it’s a prediction; my own rule on this is, I do not share predictions, with all the others I have always taken them as evidence for my own understanding, but this is different.
If what I am told does not happen then I will have to take the consequence, if on the other hand it does, then it will put a completely different aspect on ALL of us to cope with.

I am going to give this out as I got it.

I am not saying this IS going to happen; I remain open minded on the subject; you read it and make your own minds up to its truth.
There will be full disclosure about aliens/ light beings after the 21st august 2017.

August 21st 2017:
All that has happened over the last few months is building in intensity over May and June.

I have been given information about the 21st of August 2017 that seems pretty radicle to me, and I am being inspired to share this on the webs.
When you read this you see why I feel apprehensive about sharing it, I gave it the three hits and its out treatment to test it but it keeps coming so; the action I am taking is to start to put it into some kind of order and share it with love and trust that everything is correct, I don’t know if its right or wrong I have no judgment on it: it is only my opinion, take it or leave it with love.

This is an account of the work and upgrades that have been given over the last two months that has led me to this August information.
Hi there!

We are having an energetic time here on earth, there has been a constant flow of light energy, intermittently punctured with releases of ancient historical releases of light waves that have opened up the hearts of many souls to the prospect of the new earth frequencies of love light.
Its sent me reeling at times and reminded me to remain anchored into the light body of Gaia and to be relaxed as possible and to trust and have faith in the guidance of the high soul self loving energy and to accept all these changes with an open heart and unconditional live.

The Shekinah light was given to me when I received a gift from a good friend in the year 2000, this was the book called, The Keys Of Enoch. Now 17 years later I have been give this open channel

We tell you that the Shekinah light is now set into an ark over your pineal gland, this is a direct link to us the brotherhood as well as the higher souls self’s of all the galactic beings, WE ARE ONE.

Your frequency has notched up to this higher frequency, now you wont be able to resonate with the lower channels any more. Be selective and read the ones that are resonating with your higher being.

The beginning of the Shekinah 3rd eye connection:
This started on the 18/4/17

The image of the 3rd eye that’s been given is complete.
The connection to the Shekinah female energy is now being projected through my 3rd eye from the pineal gland out from my forehead and I am aware of it.

My Q: How can I use this?

A: from the Brother hood of light: In the physical earth it cannot be ‘used’; it’s a tool that connects your higher self to the vision through this energy grid so that you can ‘see’ us; the brother hood of light and work with us on the new earth.

We are the collective group that has the entire masters under our umbrella of light.

The Shekinah is the feminine aspect the Holy Ghost that can open up this projection so that we can form and semi materialise into your physical perception. You have asked for this and its correct.

BJ: It does feel a little bit different almost scary ?, this apprehension feeling is not in my head its in my heart and solar plexus, does it centre in the heart chakras and emanates from these centre and not the head?

B/L: It is totally within the whole of the physical body, remembered; the vessel holds the light body. This energy is emanating from the whole body, focusing from the diamond centre that is your core energy.

The lesser heavenly circle in chi Kung that is your base for this and its why you can receive this type of transmission.

To use this you activate your lesser heavenly circle within; it can be done with one breath; then you can walk in it as it will surround your whole being; its much more than the power of the chakras it’s the power of the 3 Tan Tiens / 3 higher hearts.

There are no edges to this, its open to us the B/L and the Yahweh; you are connected, functioning and transmitting this energy fully now.

BJ: It feels unbalanced?

B/L: Not to worry; you are going to get used to the ideas, perceptions, and the reality of what you have actualised within your physical life; your destiny if you like.

BJ: Let my get this right; it’s the chi Kung + all the other practices of spiritual nature that has brought me to this place of receiving this beautiful connection consciously?

B/L: Yes now it’s up to you to anchor and hold this connection on Gaia, you need to work on this one, the visual that comes with it will activate at your deeper understanding of this newly opened space in you vessel.

We can’t give you literal words that have the power to do this yet.

When you get the deeper understanding of this aspect, then we will be able to explain and share this very important insight with others that is written in light language through your perceptions on this physical earth.

You will transpose the inner light codes into understandable writings that will touch all your fellow beings.

BJ: Thank you

B/L: This is another arm of your destiny; the others are the grid work on Gaia and the clearing, balancing and actuating of the hyper tunnels that were set by the Atlantis elders and the activation of the sacred crystal from Atlantis, we are all connected as one.

These are the things to focus on; the Shekinah portal; the updating and preparing of the journal; to actualise the cradle, grids and the alchemy; then the trip to Atlantis/Azores; and the light codes. All this is working on different frequencies of multi D light. Never fear you have all the tools, info and awareness to do all this. xx

Note: the journal, the cradle, grids, alchemy and the trips abroad are all to be different parts of a bigger picture and will be written out separately as their own stories.

The violet flame of the Shekinah light:

In one breath I tuned in, there are two places that I can feel this light in, one is before my eyes, and the other is a strong feeling in the solar plexus.
Am I looking out at ‘IT’ and seeing a projection, or am I looking within and seeing ‘IT’, it’s a paradox.

After I did the breath they come together as one right through the body, I feel it as a connected energy in different frequencies.

This feeling seems to be so deep inside me that it became a universe and I can feel this, its life; circles in circles; at the centre is the core, most concentrated, within this is the universes, it feel strong and concentrated but when I breath into it; it expands exponentially immediately and fills everything.

Then I focus it into that core place, the feeling of this is like nothing I have ever felt before; I cant remember; its beyond utopia, sweeter than honey, softer than silk, warm as toast, the infinite universes are within a tiny dot in the centre of my feelings. Xxx

Message from the Collective star beings of light:

Did we know that our thoughts and emotions influence the geomagnetic field consciousness interaction and give out encoded messages into to this field?
This field has changed due to an increase in this vibrational frequency.
Having been measured, the rate of vibration has gone from 7.8 cycles per second to 15-25 per second, this also spikes to over 30 cycles per second.
This is coming from the galactic centre B/ hole of the Milky Way.
These changes activate different levels of consciousness both positive and negative.

This action opens up an opportunity for the collective consciousness of humanity to become aware and move into the light, letting go of the negatives that have prevailed on earth.

This is a healing and transforming time when many are shifting and awakening of consciousness across the globe.

These wave frequencies act on the brains waves, they accelerate the alpha and theta vibration that allows a connection to the divine self that’s within all life, everyone is becoming connected to the global consciousness; this is the field that interacts with thoughts and emotions and of man.

Your thoughts and emotions are influencing and encoding this geomagnetic field.

Become responsible and aware of the power that thoughts and emotions hold, be aware of the opportunity that this is giving all peoples on their different levels; transform the collective emotions, we are the alchemists.
Our mind is a field of consciousness outside of our body.

My understanding of this has helped me to accept changes that have occurred in my personal life over the last 5 years.

My mood swings, the uncomfortable feelings of loneliness, emotions that sometimes pore out in tears and great sadness, sometime I felt I was crying for all of humanity. Well maybe I am, maybe all of us are, if we allow our thoughts and emotions to open up our collective consciousness.

The negatives on earth are fed by the collective consciousness of all peoples; we now have the opportunity to turn it about.

We, who are consciously aware of our divine power within, are in a perfect place to transform this into a positive light by just changing our own interaction with others in our life.

Yes, there is a big collective of negative thoughts but we who hold the light are greater than that now, when one light worker changes their own way of thinking; then as it grows it becomes their norm; it acts 1,000 fold on the collective consciousness and makes a big positive light in the negative field.

We the light worker, star seed and way showers are the spiritual alchemist and we do hold the power to bring about a positive change over the planets negative fields.

We can change the balance in the fields on earth and shift the balance within our self by using our consciousness positively and our heart felt unconditional love focus on them by balancing them and us at the same time

I can see the Shekinah light, it is the shape of a drop of water and its pale yellow.

I am feeling that the grid across the Atlantic + the pictures all contained one aspect of the mission we are on.
{This is another story to be written}

At the moment: This has been set up and is to be left in its state of play to receive the Shekinah light so that it can be balanced; the male /female.
For my part, I stand back from it and focus on the Shekinah light that’s opened up within my 3rd eye, pineal gland.

I can see it almost physically.

What’s happening is my physical and energetic body’s are aligning up in the left and right brain energy to integrate the two into one sacred state of being, spiritual and physical alignment of my personal unified fields of light, the right and left merging as one homogenous divine light understanding, for my understanding.

I do not speak to Shekinah its not an entity like the others, its more like an understanding of the power of the divine Yahweh reflection not a master; it’s the Ellemond of my soul:

Q: I ask M/F God to remind me, what is my Ellemond?
M/F: It’s the very essence of your light frequency:

The word Shekinah is Hebrew meaning dwelling within or settling of the divine presence of god within.

The understanding is the Shekinah is the glory of the Yahweh God; it’s a visitation of the presence or dwelling within of the Yahweh, God on this earth. One of the prominent images of the Shekinah is that of light, Shekinah light. Xxx

It is said to serve as an intermediately between god and man.

It sometimes takes a human form, it shows itself as human likeness, it is really God, it wants an intermediate relationship with the people; the Shekinah refers to, the presence of Yahweh that was physically manifest in the time space continuum but was removed, it could be seen any more in the 3rd D world.

There is a referral in the bible old testament Kings Ezekiel and Daniel.

The Shekinah was extinguished from the physical, now it will manifest back in the physical.

The Shekinah god in the form, in the bible is shown during the time of mosses, it led the Israelites to freedom and was depicted as a pillow of light or a pillar of fire, it did not leave the people.

All the time it has been with me/ us as the pillar of light; to integrate into the human brain it has to be slowly given in small ‘bits’ of light over 3rd D time.
We M/F God have been working with you and this manifestation for some years, now, this light will guide you to help to free you from the 3rd D earth of separation and negativity.

This is just another part of your progression, it will do everything for your understanding; your recognition of it is all that’s required on the physical world.

The Shekinah has come to dwell in you and it will always be with you as God Divine Light, Yahweh.

You are a child of god with Shekinah as your other parent.
There is harmony within you that is for personal comfort, its always been there; now, because you have understanding of it, it has activated the diamond crystal light codes within you so that you can go forth and bring home the Atlantis technology.

This inner technology is now in place; you need it to start to clear anchor and activate the power held by the crystals, pyramid, and information held in the 9 sacred crystal of Atlantis.

This technology has shifted you into another gear so that you are equipped to handle the next phrase of healing; you have put on and activated your Christos over body; your part now, is to recall this information and connect to it all the time you can in your physical life, share it with all others, remember all the time that you are the cloud pillar of light called the shekinah/ god on earth to carry this great over body of Christ.

The alchemy of the Shekinah breath through the chakras; feel the love expanding from the heart filling the whole body; then it shines like a star.
She shines like a diamond in the sky, then focus this light on the next island Azores, the light goes into the ocean to land under the sea. This plateau connects and starts to activate pluses to move through it in a very balanced soft flowing manner wavering, wide pulses of wavy light, this is what’s to be held.

The shekinah light is the element that’s required to set the crystal magnetic energy of Atlantis into activation; it comes through you B J this is the key in the process of this new earth activation through the activation of the Atlantis codes crystal pyramids skull.

Last week the Shekinah came in this week the higher self’s over souls of the galactic E Ts came in.

One could not be facilitated before the other.

Also twice now I have had the thought that my caterpillar is changing into a moth or butterfly, does this mean I am shedding my heavy physical 3D body and allowing my expanded 5th D body to be.

A: Yes that’s exactly what happening it will fulfil by the 10th may.

The Shekinah 3rd eye connection is in the book The Keys Of Enoch. This is what has triggered you to look at this again.

And it has connected in this year 2017 only 17 years later. That’s how long it took me to get to the right energetic place to receive it. Hmmmm! Interesting.

This is an energy connection that is needed for the job I do while on earth.
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